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Our Services Include

Minor & Major servicing

No job is too small or too big at Lilydale Truck
Centre. We provide guaranteed vehicle repairs, service, roadworthy certificates and many more services for whatever vehicle you own.
Lilydale Truck Centre aims to provide high quality and professional service. Our Fully qualified technicians will handle any automotive need, large or small. Our goal is to offer personal care and attention to you and your vehicle to ensure 100% satisfaction and the highest quality of service.


We can check, replace or repair your tyres keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy, giving you peace of mind. We have every type of tyre to suit your vehicle.


Don’t VOID your vehicle warranty.
If you are after a high-quality service which retains the warranty on your vehicle then log book servicing is for you.
We provide log book servicing by qualified technicians for all makes and models of Trucks and Heavy Vehicles
Log Book servicing follows manufacturing systems at a fraction of the price to ensure the warranty is not voided.


Lilydale Truck Centre can arrange Roadworthy Certificates and test on vehicles up to 5 tonnes. Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle, maintaining your current vehicle or disposing of a vehicle.


We can tune your engine to adjust and modify the performance of your vehicle. Tuning can optimise power output and increase the overall economy of your vehicle. Call on of our specialist mechanics today to discuss.


Wheel alignments are important for optimized vehicle handling and fuel consumption saving you money on tyres and fuel.
Without wheel alignment the life of your tyres is reduced, which can compromise the safety of your vehicle and cause vibration through your steering wheel.
Abnormal wearing of your tyres can also cause your car to drift; wheel alignment keeps tyre wear even and balanced.


We install Smart Start Interlock devices to all vehicles including commercial, fleet vehicles, heavy vehicles and motorcycles.
Lilydale Truck Centre provides you with Smart Start Alcohol Interlock devices and installation. These devices are used for drink drive offenders, voluntary participants and for commercial applications.
Once the disqualification period has been served you will need to apply for a licence with an “I” condition.
Please call our office to obtain a quote and confirm we have a technician available for your Interlock Installation or Interlock Servicing.


We carry out battery testing FREE of charge. If you require a replacement battery our mechanics will provide you with a quote and get you on the road in no time.


Your vehicle’s air conditioner may require maintenance at times. If your vent isn’t blowing cool air or isn’t blowing air at all call our office to book your car in. We can diagnose the problem whether it simply requires a re-gas or repair of a detectable leak.

Fleet Management

No fleet to big or small for us to handle at Lilydale Truck Centre. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicles on the road in the safest condition. Feel free to call us today & inquire within.


Lilydale Truck Centre has everything you need to keep your Truck or Heavy vehicle up to date and on the road, anytime 24/7 wherever you need are either in the Centre or on the road.

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